Holding Pattern Studio


About Holding Pattern Studio / HoPa

Hand stitched | Hand printed | Thoughtfully sourced leather

Welcome to Holding Pattern Studio! I am a one-woman show proudly based in Baltimore City, MD but raised in Pittsburgh, PA. I am actually a full time research scientist moonlighting as a leather crafter.  In 2016, I made myself a printed leather tote bag and then expanded my line of goods to a spectrum of leather accessories.  The brand grew out of the idea that bags and wallets are patterns that we carry and hold; I print onto the leather with original hand-carved stamps or hand painted prints (more patterns) and I created the logo to mimic an image of airplanes in a “holding pattern.”

Every product is made by hand from hide to finish— traced and cut from my own designs, scored, marked, edged, saddle-stitched (no sewing machines!), edge-finished, and hardware hammered.  No two pieces will be identical. 

The “thoughtfully sourced” leather used to create my products are leather seconds acquired from tanneries in the United States. The three major tanneries that I source the leather from are Horween (IL); Pergamena (NY); Wickett & Craig (PA).   Leather seconds are characterized as such due to small imperfections and blemishes apparent somewhere on the hide. These are perfectly useful, beautiful pieces of leather that have great character and tell their own stories. Keep in mind leather continues to patina, change color and age over time— embrace the process!